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Scouts around campfire


Boy Scouts Troop 676

​Philmont Scout Ranch 

Learning about mules
Rifle shooting

Philmont Scout Ranch is a high adventure where scouts go backpacking though New Mexico, doing all sorts of fun activities like rifle shooting, archery, fishing, and more! 

Seabase High Adventure

sunset at Seabase
underwater hiking
Lord of the flies holding the conch shell

Seabase is a high adventure where scouts get to go sailing around the Florida keys, where they snorkel, fish, swim, and have a whole bunch of fun!

Here fishy fishy
Learning how to light fires
Archery practice at camp

Pictured above and to the left are some photos from the 2021 spring Camporee, where scouts got to test their skills and knowledge against other troops in an overnight camping trip!

Useful Links and Resources

Uniform Guide
Scout Uniform and Insignia


Field Uniforms (Formally Class A) are worn by scouts at Meetings, Boards of Review, PLC meetings, and Courts of Honor. SPL and adult leaders must wear Class A at all times.  

Purchasing for the First Time?  Here is what you need to order.

Following the numbering shown...

1 United States Flag *

2 Patrol Patch - Supplied by the Troop

3 Green Epaulets*

4 World Patch*

5 Rank Patch - Supplied by the Troop as Earned

6 Chief Seattle Council Patch*

7 Troop Numbers > 6 7 6*

8 Leadership Position Patch - Supplied by the Troop as Earned

* You should order with the shirt.

Scout uniform shirts are required. Scout pants, belt, hat, etc. are optional. While you can order through the online BSA Scout Shop, (more guidance related to uniforms and insignia can be found here) many order from the Seattle Trading Post.  For a fee, they will sow the patches and mail the finished shirt to you. 

Contact & Order Pick-Up Location: 
Chief Seattle Council Service Center 
3120 Rainier Ave South
Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: 206-725-5200


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